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Picture of a fish being released into the water During 2010, anglers caught over 110,000 salmon and grilse. 70% of these fish were released, to aid conservation and support the conservation and management work of the DSFB's and Trusts

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Don – Fintray Home Beat

One mile of single bank (north side) on lower river including four holding pools. Fly-fishing and spinning . Worm fishing allowed from May 1. Catch and release for salmon from February 11 to May 31.

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Scotland is renowned worldwide for salmon fishing

Contrary to popular belief, much of the available fishing is accessible at modest cost, and there is fishing available to suit anglers of all ages, ability and financial means.

Our aim is to highlight this affordable and accessible salmon and sea trout fishing in Scotland.

The cost of some salmon fishing will always be expensive, and this often leads people to believe it is exclusive and unavailable to most. However, just as you would expect to pay more to watch a football team in the Champions League Final, than you might in their domestic league, the same principle applies to salmon fishing.

Please remember that our site is not a commercial marketing tool for individual fisheries, nor is it a place to purchase permits.

It is intended to provide facts and help guide anglers to good value fishing availability where there is a realistic chance to catch a salmon. We hope it will help you make an informed choice. We also hope that it will highlight, in a national sense, that salmon and sea trout fishing is an activity that can be enjoyed by all.

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An angler plays a salmon on River Shee, Perthshire

An angler plays a salmon on River Shee, Perthshire

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