Gryffe – Bridge of Weir AC

The BOWAC holds leases for fishing on the River Gryffe for salmon (and with this also the fishing for trout and grayling) at and around Bridge of Weir Village. The upstream limit of the Club water is the March Dyke about half a mile or so above Craigends Bridge (the bridge of the West of Scotland Trout Farm). This is at the top of the streams above the Roman Bridge Pool. Upstream of the Dyke the water is controlled by the Strathgryfe Club.

The downstream boundary on the North bank is at the East end of the former site of the Clydesdale Leather works. On the South Bank the boundary is the fence / hedge at the Bowling Club. The Abercorn Angling Club runs the fishing beyond these boundaries.

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Mr Joe Gibson, Mimosa Road, Bridge Of Weir

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Season Dates

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Per day: Mar - Jun £5, Jul - Aug £10

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1 March - 30 June - £5
1 July - 31 August - £10

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