Annan – Dryfeholm

Situated on the middle Annan, Dryfeholm is approximately 2.5 miles long and single bank with ten named pools. The beat is set amongst low-lying pastures. It benefits from having two major tributaries entering it. The Annan’s largest tributary, the Kinnel Water, enters at the top of the beat and the Water of Dryfe enters 1/4 mile from the bottom. Both of these tributaries have phenomenal runs of salmon and sea trout. A great many fish stop on this beat whilst making up their mind whether they are Annan fish, Dryfe fish or Kinnel fish so the beat provides very consistent fishing throughout the year. Over the past few years this beat has only been lightly fished by a small number of season rods that live a considerable distance away.

The best times of year are September through to November for Salmon and mid May through to the end of July for the sea trout. If we have a wet summer (not to uncommon in the west of Scotland!) large numbers of salmon can be on this beat from August. In the spring the fishing for brown trout can be exceptional with fish over 4lb not regarded as unusual. Vast shoals of Grayling inhabit this beat and can provide entertaining sport when the water is too low for salmon fishing

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