Nith – Dumfries Burgh

2 Miles fishing on the Nith and 1.5 miles on the Cairn (all double bank).
The Dumfries Burgh Common Good Fishings run through the town from the estuary to about 3/4 mile above the town centre together with 2 miles on the lower Cairn. The beat has a mixture of pools suitable for fly, spinning or worming.
A major advantage is that much of the water – for example the Cakewalk and the Millgreen – is easily accessed from public footpaths or walkways. In fact these areas can be extremely productive for worming or spinning in medium to high water conditions in the Autumn.

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Dumfries & Galloway Council, Queensberry Sq. Dumfries

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Day Prices : Feb - Aug GBP39, Sep - Nov GBP49.

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