Annan – Kirkwood Dungeon

We recommend that these permits are booked ONLY at the last minute because this beat/pool will only fish well in certain conditions.
This is FLY ONLY on the famous Dungeon pool of the Kirkwood beat (with a couple of small pools that only fish well in very low water conditions).

THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST POOLS ON THE WHOLE RIVER but because of the warnings and difficulties is not often fished. There will only be two of these last minute, FLY ONLY, permits.

The fishing is really only one long pool – the Dungeon. Access to the beat/pool is at the top via a log ramp. This is the only recommended access point. The only other exit from the pool is at the bottom via steps. Please take care on both the ramp and the steps as they may be slippery. It is very difficult to get up the bank between these two points.

We emphasise the steps, at the bottom of the pool, are for EXIT ONLY. Do not go down the steps to access the pool. If you do, it means you must wade right through the pool to get to the top.

The main pool is the Dungeon Pool. There are three very small pools downstream, Otter, Sand and Top of the Boat Pool. These are only any good in very low water. If it is not low water, don’t bother, as it’s a long walk for nothing.

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Anthony Steel
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