Annan – Kirkwood

The Kirkwood Beat is one of the most beautiful and well known beats on the Annan. This is where the National Sea Trout Festival originated and where the Salmon School ( takes place each year. It is around 1.35 miles in length and is single bank only (the right hand bank). There are 12 named pools, although some are only good at certain heights of water. There is great variety in flow – rifle, stream and pools – ideal for fly at nearly all heights. The river is quite wide here (say 30 yards) as Kirkwood is only 8 miles from the estuary. In places it is deep and chest waders are essential. For salmon a 14-15 ft rod is advised, and for sea trout an 10-11 foot rod is normal.

The beat fishes a maximum of 6 rods with only 4 rods normally let – the extra 2 are fished occasionally by the owner, Anthony Steel – so this needs to be borne in mind when catches are compared with beats that fish 10 or 15 rods or more. It is never crowded and is very secluded and private.

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01576 510200

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Anthony Steel
DG11 1DH

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Day Prices : Price Range: GBP30 to GBP90 per rod/day.

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