Stinchar – Minuntion

Two and a half miles of fishing, twelve miles from the sea.
A twelve foot rod and thigh waders are all that is required.
Fourteen pools of double bank fishing and three pools shared with the opposite bank (lightly fished).
The day after a spate the river fishes well for 48 hours. However in low water after a frosty morning in the Autumn, there is a good chance of catching a fish.
An average of 25 fish caught per annum, but the Minuntion Beat has historically been lightly fished.
Although the sea trout catches on the river have declined, there is evidence of a revival. For this reason any sea trout caught must be returned.
The river bank is maintained with stiles and easy access.
Record fish to date 22.5 lbs caught during the last week of September on a Stinchar Stoats Tail, fished on a sinking tip.
In addition to the day rods, at present we have 10 local anglers who come very infrequently.

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