Tay – Lyon, South Chesthill

South Chesthill fishings are situated on the Lyon, a leading headwater for the Tay.

These fishings encompass the Inverinain, Chesthill and Culdaremore beats of the River Lyon amongst beautiful scenery. They are not fished regularly to capacity, so the catch figures can be misleading. Water and weather conditions are influential. In good conditions ten plus fish should be caught; in poor fishing conditions one or two would normally be caught. Some nice brown trout are also caught.

There are 23 named pools on the Chesthill / Culdaremore beats and 9 named pools on the Inverinain beat. Waders are necessary on some pools. There is a great variety of pools from fast flowing to slow flowing/holding pools.

Dependant on water levels these beats can fish well from April through to October. Fly fishing and spinning are required to maximise opportunity. Prawn, shrimp and worm fishing are not allowed.

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Per day: Feb - Apr £54, May - Jul £30

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